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Massage is a hands-on therapy which helps to restore optimal muscle function, increase range of motion and reduce pain. Anyone suffering from muscle tension, reduced circulation, trigger point pain or restricted movement can benefit from massage. Our massage therapists specialize in Therapeutic, Sports and Pre Natal Massage. Relaxation massage is also available.

Therapeutic Massage focuses on the treatment of symptoms resulting from specific trauma or repetitive strain. Your therapist will concentrate on restoring circulation to the injured area, breaking down scar tissue, and increasing range of motion. Conditions that can benefit from these styles of massage include whiplash, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, muscle strains, headaches and back pain.

Sports Massage focuses on treating the specific issues that amateur and elite athletes face during training and competition. Our therapists will design a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your sports’ specific demands. Sports Massage can help to reduce strain and discomfort during training, reduce recovery time following an injury and improve circulation to relieve muscle stiffness, spasm and fatigue. Our therapists are also trained in remedial exercise and hydrotherapy and will instruct you in methods to help reduce your injury recovery time and improve your overall performance.

Pre and Post Natal Massage are safe, natural and highly effective treatments for pregnant women and new moms. The relaxing effects of massage have been proven to assist with the emotional stress and physical discomfort that can be associated with pregnancy and childbirth.


Our therapists are educated in the physiological changes that take place during pregnancy, and can help women safely address any discomfort they may feel.

Massage Therapy Fees

90 minute $130
60 minute $95
30 minute $50
Treatment Visit $90

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