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Performance psychology provides you with skills and techniques to improve athletic performance,  manage stress and deal with pressures of sport and daily life.  We offer sport psychology services tailored to athletes as well as personal counselling services.


Psychology is as unique as the individuals who seek help from a sport psychologist. Working with a psychologist typically begins with an assessment of your performance or personal goals. Following sessions are used to develop skills and abilities that will help the individual accomplish their goals.  


How is a Sport Psychologist different from a mental performance coach?

A sport psychologist differs in that they are trained to also deal with significant mental health concerns. Life stressors and  pressure  of sport can very often be overwhelming, resulting in the development of depression, anxiety disorders, or even eating disorders. Sport psychologists are not only trained to deal with sports related issues but mental health issues that may even be life threatening.


Some of the specific areas that we specialize   include:


Performance and Competitive Anxiety

Allowing your mind to work against you is a major problem in competition. Sport Psychology helps athletes learn to manage anxiety and use their reactions to stress to facilitate performance.


Performance Strategies

Individual mental skills training programs improve the athlete’s specific areas of opportunity such as t improving motivation and goal setting, learning visualization and relaxation techniques, focus and attention, developing pre‐performance routines, enhancing positive thinking and confidence, managing competitive stress, refining communication, taking on leadership roles, and dealing with injuries.



Major life transitions like changing careers or changes to family dynamics  can be stressful and difficult to navigate.  Counselling can help provide strategies to manage these changes.  Transitions, such as retirement, moving to a new level or changing teams or cities, can also be stressful for athletes.  Sport Psychology can help athletes find ways to manage their performance through challenging times.


Team Building

Cohesion, motivation and communication are key to being successful as a team.  Sport psychology sessions can maximize team and individual athletic performance, build routine and promote teamwork and improve overall team energy and goal setting. 


Personal Counselling 

Our areas of expertise include Chronic Pain, Trauma, Transitions, Depression, Anxiety and Eating Disorders.




Sport Psychology $180

Counselling $180

Team Sport Psychology $250

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