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Dr. Ian Vana is a Chiropractor certified in Kinesio-Taping, and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University. Ian also uses a variety of soft tissue techniques and instrumented assisted soft tissue tools in his treatments. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Alberta and attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. He has also volunteered in two clinic abroad projects in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania. Ian participated in numerous sports and was formally a member of the Alberta Team Handball squad for 6 years




Elissa graduated from Grant MacEwan’s 2200 hour program in 2013. Since then, her practice has been focused in helping clients achieve a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, which keeps them doing the things they love. Elissa also has experience in helping athletes optimize performance, prevent injuries, and rehabilitate injuries. She has worked with a variety of athletes including Power lifting teams, Olympic lifting teams, and the Edmonton Eskimos since their 2016 season. Elissa tailors her treatments to help you achieve your best health and get you ready for your next competition or event.   I look forward to working with you!

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Michael Elliott is a graduate of the 3000 hour massage therapy program at Makami College in Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Michael participated in numerous sports and has been competing in Ultimate Frisbee at a national level since high school. Michael utilizes a variety of massage techniques in his practice and is passionate about assisting individuals in maintaining the ability to stay active.

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Natalie Zaiffdeen, B.A., BCom, MC, is a Registered Provisional Psychologist specializing in Performance Psychology and a member in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She holds two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Human Resource Management from the University of Alberta and has achieved her Master of Counselling degree from City University of Seattle. As a caring and compassionate mental health professional, Natalie is dedicated to providing client-centered, integrative, and holistic counselling services to diverse clientele across a broad spectrum of mental health concerns. Natalie’s active lifestyle as a competitive dancer, soccer player, and fitness athlete has shaped her keen interest in mental strength and human potential. Her experience competing at the regional, provincial, and national levels has deepened her understanding of the mental obstacles involved in elite performance. Natalie firmly believes that as human beings, we have an innate propensity towards growth, self-realization, and recovery. She hopes to optimize her client’s mental performance through empowerment, self-awareness, and the uncovering of inner strengths and resiliencies.

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Dr. Marcy Lampshire is the co-founder of River Valley Health, and an active member of the Edmonton running community. She has been in practice for 15 years as a Chiropractor and Active Release provider, with a focus on working with athletes of all levels. She believes in active recovery, and in treating injuries from a biomechanical perspective, not just treating the symptom. Dr. Marcy is the official provider for the Alberta Ballet, a clinic educator for the Edmonton Running Room, and has worked with many of Edmonton’s best distance runners.  She has a particular interest in injuries involving the ankle and foot, and is known by our patients and the Running Room community as the #FootLady.    As a marathon runner and triathlete, her patients inspire her to swim faster, run harder, and get on her bike as much as possible. 

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Mathieu graduated from the four year Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma
program at Kootenay Columbia College. He can help reduce symptoms from a range of
illnesses; from muscle pain to digestive issues, insomnia, and migraines. Using acupuncture,
acupressure, electroacupuncture, gua sha, cupping, and herbal remedies he is able to help you
reach your health goals. He has a keen interest in injury recovery and is always willing to help
clients with any health issues they may have. He likes to live an active lifestyle and grew up
snowboarding, playing golf, and competitive soccer. Mathieu is constantly working towards
improving his services to better aid his clients get back to doing what they love, pain free.

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Jade Beck graduated from the 3000 hour massage therapy program at MaKami College. Her approach involves a vast range of techniques suited to each individual’s needs. She believes that when she does her best, she can help others achieve their best as well.

Jade enjoys many ways to get active. Running the trails of the Edmonton river valley, practicing yoga, or hiking are activities you could find her partaking in. Furthering her education in the health and wellness field, Jade is currently enrolled in 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training which will conclude in February, 2020. 




Sylvia completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy and her Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta. While in school, she competed in rhythmic gymnastics and track and field and has a background coaching young athletes for 9 years. Her experience in treating adults is supplemented by her passion for pediatric rehabilitation, making her committed to providing quality care for individuals of all ages.  Sylvia enjoys treating a variety of conditions, including movement and postural dysfunction as well as sports injuries, particularly in dance, gymnastics, and rock climbing. Her treatment approach involves restoring mobility and function by matching evidence-based treatment to your individualized goals so you can return to the activities you love. 

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