Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a specific and individualized treatment and exercise program designed by a physiotherapist to help with dizziness and balance disorders.
People with vestibular (inner ear/balance) disorders may experience any of the following symptoms: vertigo, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, visual disturbance, fatigue, and gait imbalances. Rehabilitation typically usually involve exercises focused on eye, head and body movements to help retrain the vestibular system. Vestibular impairment is an underlying cause in as many as 45% of people complaining of dizziness.

If you are currently experiencing dizziness or vertigo, it is worthwhile to be assessed by our Physiotherapist.

The exercises are provided based on each patients’ individualized assessment. The areas of focus include:

Habituation – these exercises are used to treat symptoms of dizziness that are produced because of self-motion or produced because of visual stimuli

Gaze Stabilization – used to improve control of eye movements so vision can be clear during head movement.
Balance Training – used to improve steadiness so that daily activities for self-care, work, and leisure can be performed successfully.

Your vestibular rehabilitation plan will be based on your individual evaluation.

Initial Assessment Fee $100
Treatment Visit $70

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